About Dr. Kit Skov Hagemann

During the last 10 years I have been developing customer and market insight through a variety of programmes such satisfaction, segmentation, competitor profiling, churn assessment etc. I am specialised in developing new and/or optimising current insight programmes, working with key stakeholders on developing and implementing customer focused strategies and closing the loop with customers.


Example Projects

Analytics strategy

  • Development of analytics strategy ensuring right people, process and technologies are available to support the business in delivering to clients in key target market. Project to assess current state of support, identifying future offerings needed to be supported and mapping the requirements needed to close the gap between the 2 elements (current & future state).

Satisfaction & Customer experience

  • Re-building Santanders Customer Satisfaction program used to incentivising all frontline employees. Programme won the 2013 Financial Service Forum Award and 2013 Drum Marketing Award.
  • Development and ongoing tracking of Santanders corporate goal and industry benchmarks
  • Managed and restructure of Experian’s NPS program covering UK, EMEA and APAC. Supporting material: interview conducted by Satmetrix: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDoZoptCT48.
  • Development of database and dashboard (Tableau) distributing customer analytics to Executives and managers.


  • Development of vertical segmentation programs for Experian covering UK and EMEA which includes propensity analysis, client lifetime value assessment, relationship driver analysis etc.
  • Management of global segmentation alignment and cross-sell analysis program.

Linking employee engagement to customer engagement

  • Management of project that links employee engagement measurements to loyalty or satisfaction measurements as well as financial performance across the business.

KPI linkage

  • Management of program that links current business KPIs to satisfaction in order to determine optimal sales and service strategies incl. SLAs and other key metrics.

Churn program

  • Development and management of churn program (later project) in Experian Northern Europe in order to identify key reasons for churn and provide recommendations for retention strategies and initiatives.

Process mapping

  • Responsible for development of touch-point maps to identify, evaluate and prioritise client contact points in order to diagnose sub-optimised processes and disconnects in the client corridor.

Brand awareness and reputation study

  • Brand tracking measuring Santander Corporate Banking Brand incl. Benchmark assessment
  • Brand awareness assessment in Experian in order to determine levels of awareness as well as develop strategies for outfacing legacy brands and transferring brand equity to corporate brand. Internal consultant on US stakeholder reputation study.

Vertical product mapping and white space analysis

  • Study that looked into mapping products sold in different verticals both on regional and global level in order to investigate product suite up-sell opportunities (sold product A – likelihood of product B) and optimal bundling. Developing white space analysis incl. revenue potential based on product mapping.