Satisfaction & Customer experience

Re-build Santanders Customer Satisfaction program to understand key drivers of customer satisfaction and implement strategic and operational changes. Developed transactional programme used to incentive frontline employees across channels and ongoing tracking of Santanders corporate goal and industry benchmarks.

Developed/restructured Experian’s NPS program covering UK, EMEA and APAC Managed global NPS programme ensuring aligment in measurement across all regioans, leveraging best practices and building knowledgesharing forums across regions and business lines.


Target Operating Model design (TOM)

Developed TOM focusing on optimising people, processes and technologies needed to develop new/expand business areas to meet internal or external client needs.



Developed vertical segmentation programs for Experian covering UK and EMEA which included propensity analysis, client lifetime value assessment, relationship driver analysis etc. Management of global segmentation alignment and cross-sell analysis program.


Linking employee engagement to customer engagement

Project investigated which drives of internal satisfaction influenced external satisfaction leading to changes in HR incentive strategies on a cross-regional level.


KPI Development & linkage to internal metric

Development and implementation of customer driven KPIs based on core strategies across industries. Management of programs that linked current business KPIs to satisfaction in order to determine and implement optimal sales and service strategies incl. SLAs and other key metric.


Churn program

Development and management of churn program in Experian Northern Europe in order to identify key reasons for churn and provide recommendations for retention strategies and initiatives. Programme was executed using customer service resources and resulted in high retention rates.


Brand awareness and reputation study

Brand tracking measuring Santander Corporate Banking Brand incl. Benchmark assessment. Brand awareness assessment in Experian in order to determine levels of awareness as well as develop strategies for outfacing legacy brands and transferring brand equity to corporate brand. Internal consultant on US stakeholder reputation study.


Vertical product mapping and white space analysis

Development of program mapping products sold in different verticals both on regional and global level in order to investigate product suite up-sell opportunities (sold product A – likelihood of product B) and optimal bundling. Developing white space analysis incl. revenue potential based on product mapping.