Financial Services Forum Award in the Customer Loyalty and Retention category, 2013 for Santanders new Branch Customer First program.

Drum Award for Customer Insight Strategy of the Year 2013 - for Santanders new Customer First program including all channels (Branch, Telephony, Online).



Neha Govila
Principal Analyst, Strategic Propositions, Commercial Banking at HSBC, UK, September 30 2014
Kit is a true leader who leads by example. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious and she brings the right amount of work and play to her team. As a mentor she gives unbiased advice and encourages you to see things from alternative perspectives. As my manager she gave me the right level of independence to go ahead and run with things and at the same time, was available to provide guidance and support. She is a thought leader and her passion shows in her and her team's work.
Jens Søltoft Andersen
Sales Specialist, Client Solutions, Denmark, February 27 2013
Kit Skov Hagemann is one of the colleagues you just want to work with. Even though, she's very detail-oriented and top professional working and analyzing data, she's not a gig you don't listen too. In her charming way she briefs a group about the customer situation she knows into deep, from information she collected from her self-developed Customer Satisfaction Program. After getting all the valuable information, it's easy to clean up for the company, and make wrongs right and get happy customers.
Jeanette Bechmann Eriksen
Kundeservicechef, OneMed, Denmark, March 16 2013
Kit Skov Hagemann brings knowledge into your organization. Kit ranks as one of the most intelligent and inspiring people I have worked with. In Experian I have learned Kit to know, as a very knowledgeable person within the area of business intelligence. Kit is capable of bringing very complicated data, from Customer Satisfaction Programs into an understandable context, which makes it easy for us, as leaders to use and work with the information, and make the needed actions and improvements. Kit has a unique combination of analytical and communicative skills, which she combines with a personal drive to make things happen, which all together makes her a well liked and respected colleague and person.
Gary Sonnenthal
Director of Global Sales Systems Integration, Global Sales Operations at Experian, UK, March 12 2012
Kit has immense passion for Client Insight data and ensuring she leads the best programme in the industry. Kit’s desire and willingness to drive the right approach and articulate best practice as a standard across Experian is clear for all to see. She leads by example and manages a fantastic team, she has tremendous enthusiasm and her teams work ethic reflect this with a ‘can do attitude’ whilst having fun in the process.
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